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Unlike many civilizations before it, the Mayan people felt that armed resistance was futile and that it was important to “[find] other modes of co-existence, co-habitation, reaffirmation of their key identity” (Damrosch). Using the video link provided, discuss how important the work “Popol Vuh” is to the Mayan people. How do modern pieces like Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” help the Mayan culture? Or does it hinder it?

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Why is the Mayan civilization considered one of the five founding civilizations of the world? Why were they considered “among the most advanced people in the world?” (Coe). Even after being overrun by the Spanish Conquests in 1518-1519 with being branded and made slaves, having their books burned and even Utatlan burnt to its foundation, the Mayan are “desperate to communicate to the next generations.” Do you believe they were successful?