JFK Assassination

JFK Assassination

What especially stood out to you about how the Assassination affected US society at that time?

after u read the below

•The assassination of JFK occurred on November 22,1963 in Dallas, Texas

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•JFK was killed while riding in a motorcade tour. Lee Harvey Oswald, a radical Communist, was implicated in the assassination.



•According to the official investigation, Oswald shot Kennedy from a book depository building using an Italian made rifle.

•Oswald was taken into custody as US citizens mourned.


•Many alternative theories exist surrounding the assassination of JFK:

•The Second Gunman Theory

•The CIA Theory

•The Mafia Theory

•The Castro Theory



•The assassination of JFK led to a new culture in the USA

•The relative domestic peace and trust of the 1950s was shattered

•Consequences: Security detail became more stringent surrounding future presidents.

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