journal article review. Please read the instruction and the correction need to be corrected by my prof, before you strt my paper.

The paper need to be in Q&A format. write out the each question and provide the answer.   I need the paper to be revised, it was done by one the writer but it was not accepted by my professor.

I need 2-3 pages, APA format, references, and every time you use quotation/ paraphrase from the article, you need to cite it appropriately.

1. Summarize the article (not to exceed 300 words)

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2. What was the main research question or issue addressed in the article? Why was this research carried out?

3. Who were the study participants and what type of procedure did they undergo?

4. What did the authors conclude?

5. Did the authors address issues related to diversity/cultural differences? If so, how did they do so? If not, do you view this as a limitation?

6. Did the authors apply a theoretical approach to their understanding of psychology? If so, which one and how

7. How did the article enhance your knowledge of psychology?

8. If you could carry out a similar study, what would you do differently? 

Please the instruction carefully.