Lincoln Assassination for Baltimore Plot Discussion

Lincoln Assassination for Baltimore Plot Discussion

Each student will be assigned a topic related to the Lincoln assassination to research. I suggest you look through Galileo for peer reviewed works, but if you don’t find anything you can easily and quickly access there, you can do a google search. But you need to use scholarly, respected sources.

When you find a source, you need to take notes on the material, without plagiarizing. Record all the information you will need to identify your source (to cite your source).

Write your paragraph (or two, if needed), and cite your work using MLA citations. You can go to Purdue Owl for help:

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On the day the paragraphs are due, you will need to email me the paragraph before class, and come to class ready to read your paragraph to the class – over Zoom or in person. We will put them in a logical order and talk about how to do a works cited page.

The paragraphs will be graded based on good content, proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, and having your citation.

These are the topic assignments:

1. The plot to kill Lincoln –

2. The act of killing Lincoln –

3. Lincoln’s death itself –

4. Booth’s escape and capture –

5. John Wilkes Booth –

6. Mary Surratt –

7. Samuel Mudd –

8. Lewis Powell –

9. Edman Spangler –

10. Michael O’Laughlen –

11. David Herold –

12. Samuel Arnold –

13. George Atzerodt –

14. Ulysses S. Grant’s role in the event –

15. Treatment of the people arrested –

16. Possible motivations of the conspirators –

17. Trial of the conspirators (evidence?) –

18. Punishments of the conspirators –

19. Mary Todd Lincoln –

20. Effects of Lincoln’s death on the American people –