MGMT 450 week 1 Assignment


Deliverable Length: 

3-4 pages

Congratulations on your recent promotion to engagement manager for a consulting company. Your new role will leverage your skills in supply chain management consulting, logistics, and procurement for various industries, which will offer many challenging opportunities. 

The company is a 100-person consulting with a core group of four procurement specialists and a client base of one automobile parts supply chain. Its mission is to reduce delivery time, inventory cycle times, and costs associated with supply chain management for its customers.


The company has been approached by a local hospital inquiring about the company’s ability to improve its logistics and supply chain while maintaining its customer value. It currently has a rudimentary, localized operation in place without an overall governance or strategy process in place. The company has requested an initial briefing on modern supply chain management techniques. Using course materials and other resources, develop a paper for the hospital management consisting of the following sections: Define supply chain management. Describe the essential components of a typical supply      chain management process, and define the components using examples. Define push, pull, and hybrid high-level;      recommend one for the hospital, and rationalize your recommendation. 

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Grading Criteria

% of grade for this assignment


Define supply chain management.



Describe the essential components   of a typical supply chain management process, and define the components using   examples pertaining to the case study



Define push, pull, and hybrid   high-level strategies; recommend one for the hospital, and rationalize   your recommendation.



Report thesis is clearly defined   and supported with substantial, relevant information. Ideas are presented   logically and precisely. Conclusion is cogent and stimulating.



At least three noncourse related   sources are used with proper APA citation and references



The sentences are skillfully   constructed, effective, and varied. Words used are vivid, accurate, and   original. The writing is without serious flaws in grammar or mechanics. APA   conventions are consistently followed.


For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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