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Provide two other examples of how they might support the child during this stage. Give at least two strategies for how to help a struggling parent with their toddler and explain why modeling for a child is vital to their development. 5 sentences or more.

Explain and define the specific topics that you selected

Language development is a method that involves talking using the structures of the mouth, which are the tongue, lips, teeth, and jaw, and to be considered as speech, talking must includesounds that are recognizable by others. Language allows a child to express their wants needs and emotions. Self-help skills are when a child can do things for themselves independently. When they can dress themselves, go to the bathroom independently, feed them selves, and complete age appropriate activities.

Discuss how you, as an educator can support a toddler in this stage of development by giving specific examples.

Reading aloud to my class during carpet time will expose students to language. Teaching sight words one at a time by using flash cards every morning during carpet time. I will show the word, say the word, spell the word and then have my students say the word all together and then spell it, all while looking at the word. Every week I will introduce a new sight word. I will add the sight words one by one on a ring and as they learn them we will repeat the learned words as well as the new word everyday. Allowing group interaction during activities will also promote language. I would say discuss as a group what you think this shape is, as I am holding up a picture of a shape. Self-help will be worked on everyday as the child learns to use the restroom independently, eat their lunches, and being responsible for putting things and getting things in the right places. Putting their papers in their backpacks and grabbing the book they want to read off of the shelf all promote self-help.

Explain what is happening during this stage from a developmental perspective. (e.g. what are the cognitive, physical changes they are experiencing and why are they experiencing these changes

Communication is an essential part of learning and growing. Toddlers typically start with one word then advance to more words to communicate their needs. They often use gestures such as pointing at something they want or see. They eventually understand the importance outside of just their word structure such as their tone and expression when communicating. When a child starts to develop self-help skills such as feeding themselves, and toileting they may have a decrease in appetite as they are learning how and what they want to eat. When learning to potty train they may have accidents, these accidents usually last until around the age of three but can last longer.

What advice would you give to parents and families who are having a difficult time adjusting to their toddler

Parents; your toddler will eventually be able to fully communicate their needs and feelings to you and others. Read to them, talk to them, sing to them, and ask them questions. Provide them with some independence throughout each day and then allow more and more independence. You can tell them to put their toys in their toy box, or ask them to go get the toy that they want. You can promote independence in them dressing themselves by starting slowly. Maybe start off with put your socks on and then I will help with your pants. Once they become more independent the easier it will be for you.


Groark, C., McCarthy, S. & Kirk, A. (2014). Early child development: From theory to practice. Bridgepoint Education: San Diego, CA.

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