Modern Europe

Modern Europe

Assignment 2 — Early Socialism/Late 19th Century

Fall 2020

Answer each question is a short-answer format of about four to six sentences (do not use bullet points or sentence-fragments)

Answer the questions below on Etienne Cabet’s Voyage in Icarie of 1842

E. Cabet, Voyage in Icarie, 1840

1. Identify two examples of Etienne Cabet’s urban planning for his ideal city as described in Voyage in Icarie.

2. Identify an example of the provisions for public health and hygiene described by Cabet in his ideal community.

3. Identify an example of the provisions for public art and items of beauty described by Cabet in his ideal community.

4. According to Cabet’s ideal community, how would good morals be promoted by the community?

Answer each of the questions below on Karl Marx’s analysis of the causes of the U. S. Civil War

Karl Marx, The North American Civil War, the October 1861 article only not the entire pdf file.

5. Why does Karl Marx in his article The North American Civil War of October, 1861 claim that the mainstream British press falsely describe that war as conflict over free-trade vs. protectionist economic policy?

6. What proof does Marx offer for his claim that the true goal of the Confederacy was the maintenance of a system of slavery, rather than the British press’ claim that the Civil War was about the Southerner’s desire for independence from Northern domination?

7. Briefly identify why according to Marx’s analysis, attempts to spread slavery into new territories resulted in the formation of the Republican Party in the 1850s to resist slavery’s expansion.

8. Why according to Marx’s analysis of the economics of slave-based production was it essential that slave-holder try to expand slavery into new territories?

9. Why according to Marx’s analysis of the politics of the U.S. before the Civil War was it essential that the slave states maintain an equal number of slave and free states within the Union?

10. Why according to Marx’s analysis was is essential for the internal social stability of the South that slavery expand into new territories?

11. Why according to Marx was the Republican Party’s platform of merely limiting slavery to where it already existed rather than abolishing it was nonetheless a fundamental threat to Southern slavery and the slave economy?

The questions below are based on Edward Berenson’s Chapters 8 and 9 in his Europe in the Modern World

12. Briefly discuss how Otto von Bismarck in late 19th century Germany combined aristocratic, authoritarian rule with progressive social policies.

13. Briefly identify how the advocates of imperialism defended their policies of overseas conquests in later 19thcentury Europe.

14. Briefly identify some factors that encouraged what Berenson calls “the flurry of inventions” in later 19th century Europe.

15. Briefly identify why the early stages of the First World War became bogged down in prolonged warfare instead of ending with a quick victory for one side or the other.

16. Briefly identify why popular support in 1914 for the First World War in the countries involved grew into protests and mutinies near the end of that war.

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