multiple choice questions for Professional Practice in architecture business and finance homework help

Hello. i want help to answer this multiple choice questions below.

1-Which of the following is true about copyrights?

a-A copyright does not exist until registered

b-A copyright protects both the documents and the design

c-A copyright can not be transferred to others

d-A copyright should only be used on work that may be repeated

2-The Standard of Reasonable Care is

a-Is a law that was passed in 1970..

b-a-Is not a law, but a concept used as the basis for determining the minimum acceptable performance of an architect

c-Has to do with ethics, not legal considerations

d-Should never be discussed directly with a client

3-Which of the following is not a common ethics violation?

a-Employers denying former employees access to samples of their work

b- Inappropriate use of technology and/or intellectual property

c- Inaccurate representation of qualifications

d- Proper attribution of credit

4-Which one of the following is not a characteristic of a profession?

a-Expertise and judgment

b- Registration

c- Relative autonomy

d- Collective bargaining

5-Zoning ordinances …

a-Regulate the size of buildings

b-Regulate land use

c- Historically, encouraged the separation of uses

d- All of the above

6- Building codes..

a-Have different objectives than zoning laws

b-Are intended to deal with separation of land uses

c-Are always straight forward and easy to interpret

d-Are administered by the local planning commission

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