North and South Economic Visions

North and South Economic Visions

Historical Essay Two

The North and the South had a different vision in terms of the development of the United States, Hamilton and Jefferson had fundamental political and economic differences. Review their two economic visions and the wider issues not addressed.

Allowed Sources

Direct link to Jefferson source. (Links to an external site.)

Document 9.1 Hamilton on the Economy

The American Promise 9th Edition.

One Accredited J-Store/Meaning it must be a Journal Article/No Other outside sources.

PLEASE NOTE THIS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED AS ONE ASSIGNMENT. Please note that Part One is not included in the paper word count.

§Part One Please note the sources that need to be defined are the primary sources associated with the assignment, not the secondary sources.

-In a numeric discussion define:

1. Historical context of both source(s)

2. Define the purpose of the source.(s)

3. Define the historical actor(s)

4. Define bias/bias is background/self-interest in the source(s)

5. Any major historical movement associated with the source(s)

Part Two

Answers Points 1-4 in essay form.

1. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had a profound impact on the political and economic development of the United States, In the first point of discussion, looking at their political records and the primary source documents define in general their economic solution for the long-term development of the United States. Provide a critical general definition of both primary sources in the initial introduction, though neither solution is perfect or complete in the statement of thesis apply the correct economic and political policy for the emergent nineteenth century. In the introduction also define the overall visions that Jefferson and Hamilton had for the economic destiny of the United States that is revealed in the primary sources. Both pictures are starkly different, contrast them. (In the introduction define the fundamental differences between the two men, these points could be political and economic in nature, this should be addressed in the introduction). In a second body, paragraphs define the wider economic and political issues between the North and the South and the Federalists and the Republicans in the Washington Administration.

2. Moving into the Jefferson source provide a general portrait of why Jefferson believed yeoman were the ethical and literal inheritors of the land. How did he view industrial Europe in the source? Define his view of the industry on industry. Though Jefferson would have wide support around the yeomen class present the type of American economy that would develop with solely agriculture and the United States heavily dependent on foreign manufacturing. In the agriculture picture of America is slavery potentially eradicated or would it continue to develop? Was Jefferson realistic in terms of his solution or plagued by his own economic blindness as a plantation and slave owner?

3.Move into the Hamilton solution. What does the United States have a natural abundance of in terms of economy? What does the country need? Speak to the point of farming, labor, infrastructure and the overall need for a bank. What about the issue of industry and foreign trade? Look at the wider economic state of the United States when Hamilton was serving as Secretary of Commerce under President Washington. Could his simple solutions of taxation and a bank resolve the wider economic depression that country was suffering from?

4. Ultimately in terms of the rapid economic expansion of the United States, who was proven correct in terms of their economic and political analysis? In terms of the wider political and economic issues why is the issue of slavery a necessary part of the American economy that neither man seemed to address directly in the developing American future?

Paper Requirements

–Only the primary sources can be used for the paper discussion. The textbook can be used to support the discussion.
1. The paper should be 1000 to 2200 words. There should be a word count at the end of the paper. Please understand that you must stay within the word count or there will be a deduction. Answers Points 1-4. Please remember that if you do not have complete in-text citation half the paper points will automatically be deducted.
 The paper must have in-text citation and must have a works cited and or bibliography. If you do not have in-text citation you are misusing sources. Make sure that the introduction is your statement of thesis, and introduction of the topic, do not use the textbook to define the thesis, this point should belong to you. Please note limit debrief direct quotes are allowed in the paper, otherwise paraphrase and watch the overuse of Sources. The quotes should be no more than TWO LINES. Students need to use the evidence more effectively and develop more analysis. You can paraphrase and cite the sources, please do not overuse the SOURCES. No more two direct quotes. Please remember is enabled, use of sources should not be above 15% Please also note papers are not a community activity, there should be no collaboration on the creation of this assignment, please the reports will be carefully reviewed/
3.One outside scholarly source besides the primary sources and the textbook can be used for the discussion, please note this should be a J-Store article.
4. Students may use a limited direct quote which should be no more than one sentence in the essay discussion. When paraphrasing please remember to cite consistently throughout the paper.
5. Do not use the first person in the paper. Watch verb tense and transitions between paragraphs. Please edit the paper, please make sure that you are handing in the final version of the paper.
6. Please use proper paper formatting and citations in your paper. All papers should be double-spaced with name, date, and class and section number. (MLA or Chicago). Please submit the paper as an attachment RTF/DOC/DOX/PDF type of attachment. Turnitin is already synced with Web courses.
7. Please remember this has been enabled for the Assignments.
8. Please note that the paper is due at 11:59 PM on the assigned day, you may submit earlier. Since is already synched with the assignment allow at least ten minutes for the paper to upload. If there is an issue with the submission go ahead and resubmit, if you forget to attach a works cited go and resubmit.
The written essays will only be accepted through the Assignment tab, not through email or the discussion box.
10. Please make sure that you are submitting the proper file, it is recommended you name the file Historical Essay Two, submission of the wrong paper assignment will mean no grade. Please make sure that you check the upload of the paper.

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