Obesity Statistics Continue Growing and Community Nursing

Obesity Statistics Continue Growing and Community Nursing


The student will read and understand the given case scenario and further develop a hypothetical project. The student will answer given questions that will serve as a guide for this project. Also, the student will explain key concepts and apply theoretical frameworks, models and/ or theories pertinent to this case.

General directions

  1. You will submit one (1) paper as part of this assignment (individual assignment).
  2. Your research paper must follow APA format according to Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.). Include a cover page and headings per 6th edition APA guidelines.
  3. The research paper should be minimum of 3 pages (not including the title or reference pages) – maximum of 6 pages (not including the title or reference pages), single spaced, Times New Roman, Size 12, and 5 references related to the topic (3 must be peer-reviewed journal articles).

Research Paper

  1. Include the following components in your research paper:
    1. Title Page
    2. Introduction
    3. Problem Statement
    4. Population of Interest
    5. Key concepts such as: obesity, social determinants of health, health promotion and risk reduction, role of community health nurses.
    6. Theoretical frameworks of behavioral change / models
    7. Planning community intervention / Funding
    8. Evaluate the community-level intervention
    9. Social marketing / resources
    10. Research studies (at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles)
    11. Conclusion
    12. References Page


  1. All Florida National University policies related to plagiarism must be observed.

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