Piagets Stages of Cognitive Development

Piagets Stages of Cognitive Development

Prelab Questions:

1. What is the normal vital sign range for an 6-8-year-old child and 12 year old child?



2. What type of pain scale is most appropriate for a 6-8-year-old child?



3. What stage of development would a 6-8-year-old child be in according to Piaget? Describe the characteristics of this stage.


4. How would the child’s developmental stage affect how you conduct your assessment?



5. What is compartment syndrome? Why might this condition be more difficult to identify in children?


6. Describe the pathophysiology behind asthma?



7. What is a peak flow meter? How is it used with asthma patients?



8. List three medications used to treat asthma in the pediatric patient. Use graph below.

Drug Purpose Action Side Effects


9. Identify 3 signs/symptoms of respiratory distress in children.



10. What are signs and symptoms of appendicitis in the pediatric patient?



11. What are two indications of appendix rupture?




12. List four pre-op and post-op consideration of the pediatric patient.

Pre-Op Post-Op




13. Complete the COVID survey within 24 hours of arrival:

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