Political Issues in the Cold War Discussion

Political Issues in the Cold War Discussion

This Textbook Discussion Board is designed to help you engage with and critically evaluate information in the textbook. For this assignment, choose an event, issue or individual that you think is historically significant from Chapter 7 of Building the American Republic and craft a post about why you think this topic is historically significant. In your post you will need to provide evidence to back up your claims, discuss historical cause and effect, and engage with the five C’s of history.

Remember, this is not about listing facts from the textbook! The peers in your discussion group are reading the same information as you. Your post should analyze/reflect/discuss what you learned and specifically why the topic you chose is historically significant. Please review the directions below and the attached rubric before posting.


Students need to choose a historically significant topic from the textbook chapter assigned this week Each initial post must be at least 300 words.

    • Each initial post must have a topic sentence typed at the top of the response. This topic sentence should give your classmates the “thesis” of your response, indicating which topic/document you are writing about and the main idea of your post. This is not a title for your response, and should not repeat the title of the textbook section/document. The words in the topic sentence do not count toward the 300 word total.
    • Each initial post should introduce your topic and discuss your analysis of historical significance.
    • Do not repeat information your peers have already posted on or discussed! Add something new to the conversation.
    • Citations showing where you are gathering your information from are optional. But posts without proper citations will not receive top scores. For a refresher on how to cite sources for this course, please visit the citation page in the Orientation Module.
    • You may submit your initial post after the Thursday deadline – but if you submit after Saturday evening (the end of the 48 hour grace period) you can only earn up to 10 points for your late initial posts.
    • You must submit a plagiarism check for you initial post! Go to the next page to submit (you do not have to submit your comments for the plagiarism check).

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