prepare and submit a paper on learning versus performance and motor skills.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on learning versus performance and motor skills. This helps in the awakening of the larger muscles and the development of the baby (Little & Yorke, 2003).&nbsp.

When individuals are provided with instructions, the main goal is usually to equip the learner with the right knowledge of the skill that is capable of sustaining long periods of time as well as the ability to apply in different contexts. Learning is the permanent change in the way an individual is capable to perform a skill. In addition, learning should be distinguished from the performance as it is normally observed during instruction or training. Learning is a lifetime process as long as there is a desire to learn. It is the art of mastering new skills and developing a deeper understanding of things. On the other hand, Perfect practice improves performance and is achievable through learning. Performance is the results individuals get after learning or the productivity of individuals. Performance is tangible and measurable (Burridge, 2000).

Children develop skills in the following areas of development. First, it is the cognitive development where a child is able to learn and solve problems. For example, a baby who is two months trying to explore the environment they are exposed to. They use their hands to touch things as well as use their eyes to look at the surroundings. Secondly, there is the social and emotional development where a child is able to interact with others. It also includes them helping themselves and having self-control. For example, a ten-month-old baby waving goodbye or a four-year-old baby taking turns while playing with friends. Thirdly, there is the development of speech and language, which is the capability of a child the ability of a child to comprehend and use language. For example, when a baby is thirteen months old.&nbsp.

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