prepare and submit a term paper on The Sweet Orange.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Sweet Orange. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Originally, the orange tree comes from parts of Asia and Brazil, “The sweet orange is native originally to Vietnam, NW India, and southern China. It is cultivated in subtropical and tropical areas throughout the world, especially in Brazil and the United States, which together account for over two-thirds of world production. In the continental US, commercial citrus production is mainly confined to zone 9B in Florida, California, the Rio Grande valley in Texas, southern Arizona, and extreme southern Louisiana (Christmas 1).

The Citrus Sinesis is a member of the citrus family of trees, also known as Rutaceae in scientific terms. It is essentially an evergreen, but smaller in size compared to other types of evergreens. When identifying this particular tree, one would commonly find it to be about 20-30 ft. tall. Its crown is commonly about 20 ft. and appears quite symmetrical in most cases. The leaves of the Citrus Sinesis possess a leathery quality and in the right sunlight can be quite shiny.(Christmas 1).

Many refer to this particular tree as the “sweet orange tree” when implying the actual. In order for the sweet orange tree to flourish, it requires a great deal of sunlight. This, of course, is why subtropical areas are ideal for its growth and cultivation. In the case of “blood oranges,” cooler evening temperatures are necessary: “The “blood” oranges are a group of cultivars with especially red flesh and hints of raspberry flavor”(Christmas 1). Though orange trees are most easily grown in subtropical regions, with the appropriate steps they can be grown anywhere, including England. This requires the use of greenhouses or conservatories (

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The orange tree does fairly well in the absence of adequate water.&nbsp.