Progressivism: Urban Social Reform and the Boundaries of Freedom (1900-1920).

 Progressivism: Urban Social Reform and the Boundaries of Freedom (1900-1920).

Examine the main impulses and characteristics of Progressivism. How did Industrialization, Urbanization, and Immigration help to give rise to the reform era? In what ways was the Progressive era a period that saw the expansion and restriction of political, economic, and/or personal freedoms? Examine at least 3 examples to support your response.

Be sure to define key terms, explain the historical significance of the topic, and include clear and detailed examples in your response. Essay must incorporate relevant supporting evidence from chapters 18 and 19 in Give Me Liberty, 3 or more primary source documents, and relevant documentary film assignments.


Draw evidence from at least 3 of these Primary Source Documents

Voices, Ch. 18: “John Ryan, A Living Wage, 1912”

Voices, Ch. 18: “Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Women and Economics, 1889”

Voices, Ch. 18: “The Industrial Workers of the World and the Free Speech Fights, 1909”

Voices, Ch. 18: “Margaret Sanger on ‘Free Motherhood,’ from Woman and the new Race.”

Voices, Ch. 18: “John Mitchell, Industrial Liberty, 1910”

Voices, Ch. 18: “Mary Church Terrell, ‘What It Means to Be Colored in the Capital of the United States, 1906”

Voices, Ch. 18: “Woodrow Wilson and the New Freedom, 1912”

Voices, Ch. 19: “Woodrow Wilson, A World ‘Safe for Democracy,’ 1917”

Voices, Ch. 19: “Eugene V. Debs, Speech to the Jury, 1918”


Midterm Essay Formatting Instructions

  1. Name, section number, essay title included on the first page of the essay; page numbers; 12 point Times font & double spaced, works cited page.
  2. MUST include 1-page outline (Word count range 250-500 words. This word/page does not apply toward the total 800- 1100 essay word count of the essay.) See the sample outline worksheet at the end.
  3. The essay response should range between 800-1100 words (3 to 4 pages).
  4. NO DIRECT QUOTES! Use your own words to explain main ideas but do cite the evidence source.
  5. Use MLA citation style to format essay and to cite supporting evidence: Click MLA Purdue Writing Lab Guide (Links to an external site.) for sample paper and other tutorials.
    • Use in-text citations when citing the source of an idea or argument from Give Me Liberty or from a Voices of Freedom primary source document, Canvas PDF primary source document, and media clip.

How to cite a primary source document

Sample in-text citation sentence:

For example, in the primary source document “Liberating Indentured Servants, 1784,” New York residents paid off the labor contracts of newly arrived Europeans because they could not imagine new European Americans to be unfree.

How to cite when paraphrasing an argument or idea from Give Me Liberty

Sample in-text citation sentence:

According to Foner, for some patriots, the revolution’s new meaning of economic freedom was inconsistent with white unfree labor. (Give Me Liberty, 230).

  1. Proof-read your essay before turning in the final draft.
  2. Upload your final draft as a word document or PDF to the Canvas drop box by the due date.


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