Project: Group Wiki Part 2: Identification of a Policy


As an astute social worker and professional policy advocate, once you have selected a social problem, you begin the process of creating and implementing a policy that addresses that social problem.

In Part 2 of your ongoing Wiki assignment, you identify a policy is The homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Program administered by the US Department of Veterans affairs in New York  created and implemented to address the problem you described in Part 1 of your Group Wiki.

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  By Day 7

Complete Part 2 of your Group Wiki.

Address the following items within your group’s Wiki page for Part 2:


What changes/amendments have been made to the policy? 

This is part one


Homeless in veterans


One of the main goals of the Department of Veteran Affairs is to end homelessness. This has become a reality in most of the communities. The number of homeless veterans has dropped by 47% since 2010. Since 2008, policymakers decided to fund the construction of houses. Other goals that policymakers hope to accomplish include functional zero, which requires that the number of houses being constructed exceeds the number of new veteran entering homelessness every month. Providing resources that will end homelessness, (O’Toole, et al., 2016). The VA homeless programs work with veterans to help them return to the workforce. Currently, over 50% of veterans are employed. 

The program has yielded a lot of results. Since 2015 the VA has housed over 300, 000 veterans in permanents houses. There are certain challenges that need to be addressed in order to maintain this gain. Progress has been main. However, the ultimate goals of ending homelessness have not been achieved, and more work is needed, (Benda, et al., 2016). The organizational and leadership committee needs to adopt evidence-based practices, continue to innovate and implement a total quality improvement capacity and philosophy. More projects are underway to help us move in an effective and efficient way. These initiative is using critical time intervention, hot-spotter algorithms and predictive analytics to evaluate the best practices of care delivery and housing. 


Some of the drives of homelessness include poverty, substance abuse, disability, domestic violence, job loss, disability, and home crisis. It is important to have resources in place to identify who is at risk of becoming homeless or who is homeless in order to prevent homelessness from occurring, (Wenzel, et al., 2015). Moreover. For homelessness, to end, there had to be a commitment to support people in the recovery process so that they never have to return to poverty or homelessness.