Project Management, Leadership


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Assignment with

(3000 words)

‘Effective teams are key to effective and successful projects’.

Critically discuss the role of teams and team development in project management utilizing appropriate theoretical models to identify how teams can be created, managed, led and damaged.Include in your answer a discussion of theory of good leadership and communication can help in the team development process.

You will need to take the following into account when completing your assignment.

•Establishment of relevant theory (e.g. what do we mean by teams and team development in a project management context and what is the relationship between leader and team and project in theoretical terms?).

•Allocation of credit and sources used; (have I included references and citations to the material I have used?);

•Clarity of argument and relevance to the project management context

•Overall report presentation including spelling and grammar;

•Adherence to nominated word limit to 3000

This coursework should follow a structured approach and should be prepared and presented as an academic report. You should undertake a relevant literature review that helps inform your investigation. Please also ensure that the Harvard Referencing System is adhered to

and fully complied with.