Psychological Development in Dysfunctional Family

Psychological Development in Dysfunctional Family

Everyone else seems to have some kind of issue, and you cannot find an ally in any of your

siblings or either of your parents.

Their craziness makes you feel isolated and lonely.

17.They are controlling.

Families who use money or some type of reward to control other people in the family is an

unhealthy sign.

Personal control should not be part of giving something to someone. If control is intended, it’s

considered to be bribery.

18.They are quick to place blame.

Accountability requires stating clear boundaries and allowing natural consequences to happen

when the boundaries are crossed.

Placing blame on other people is a dangerous habit that typically occurs with victimization.

Families who blame each other for their feelings or experiences are failing to take personal

responsibility for their own roles in situations and are setting themselves up for codependency.

19.Punishment is used instead of discipline.

Discipline and punishment are not the same things. Discipline involves training and teaching

while punishing is just enforcing a penalty.

If you have a family that only practices punishment, it is usually in the form of emotional or

psychological punishment.

For example, if you do something that is unacceptable to your family, they may give you the

silent treatment for an extended period of time, which is psychological punishment and is toxic.

20.They use threatening tactics.

There are definitely some families who use threats to maintain control.

For example, a family may threaten to disown a child if they make certain choices. While this

may sound common, it is not acceptable and is definitely not healthy.

Families who threaten each other emotionally, physically, psychologically, or otherwise are


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