Putting My Plan Into Action Identified Possible Stressors

Putting My Plan Into Action Identified Possible Stressors

  • Put your plan into action for 1-week
  • Track/take notes on your progress.
  • Feel free to do video diaries if you wish instead of notes.
  • IF you have an app that will help, please make sure to reference that and share it!

Part 3. Formally written reflective paper: DUE BY OCT 28th

Describe the results of your plan and what you learned from your experiences. You will be turning in a PSMJ paper summarizing what you completed. Grading will be based upon the student’s thorough and detailed coverage of each prompt. There is not a word count for the PSMJ entries. However, in this senior-level class, I expect more than a couple of sentences per question.

You can do this in essay format, video format, or question/answer format. Whichever format you choose, make sure you cite correctly as well as include a reference page so I can refer to what was used. Also, make sure to still follow APA guidelines as outlined in the “How to do well on writing assignments” portion and “APA info” section.

Instructions for your formally written, APA formatted reflective paper. Include all of the following:

1) A detailed description of your stressor, and an explanation for why you chose this stressor.

2) Describe your reasons for choosing the coping strategy/chapter from your textbook to address your stressor. Why this chapter and not another one?

3) Describe your expectations for results. What kind of change did you expect to achieve after implementing your stress management plan for a week?

4) Describe what happened — what was achieved/worked and what did not work. Using specific examples from your experiences paired with references to your textbook and workbook, describe how, what you applied from your learning to your stressor. Use descriptive language to illustrate what you used from your readings and how you applied the knowledge to better manage your stressor.

5) Talk some more about the actual results of what you learned from this activity. Include information about: What you learned about the coping strategy you used; Differences between what you expected and the reality of how your plan worked; Describe what you learned about yourself — behaviors, insights, emotions, etc.

6) What would you do differently to make your plan even more successful? Are there modifications you could make which would have helped you to be more successful in managing your stressor?

7) What are your thoughts and opinions on this approach to stress management.

8) Will you try using the approach you used for another stressor? Why or why not?

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