Reading Response

Reading Response

After finishing the reading answer the below question using details from the reading. Do not directly quote the text.  Translate the answer in your own words.  Minimum requirement of 120 words for your response.

Reading 2 

Which one Harrington’s “conceptions” for thinking about art is most similar to the way you currently think about art? Which “conception” is most different from the way you currently think about art?  Give details from these “conceptions” in explaining why this is the case.

Reading 3

Based on how Barrett describes the idea of “Lively Writing” write the most lively description of the painting below.  This is a description only.  Do not write any Interpretation or Judgement as also discussed in the reading.  Also you do not need to know any other information about the painting.  We are simply describing what we see in the most lively language possible. The best lively written description will receive 5 extra credit points.

Reading 4

Eisenman states that historically speaking there are three “fictions” in architecture.  What are these three fictions? Briefly describe how each one of these fictions is connected with the history of architecture.

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