research paper in history 1999 or earlier assignment help

Choose a year in history, 1999 or any time earlier. Research five features of life during that year. It could be food, modes of transportation, fashions, etc. Research facts about a particular event that happened that year. Write a first-person story about someone who lived through the event. In the story you will use the information you researched, use i text citations, and create a works cited page. 

Things needed for assignment: Please label each section so it’s easy for me to find them.


4 sources:

20 facts: (please number 1-20)

For the paper, this needs to be 5 pages in length (font size 12, normal format, times new roman): Needs to include an introduction page, body of the paper, and works cited page with 4 references.

Topic ideas that I am interested in ( don’t have to be used, but this may help get you started): weightlifting (Arnold Schwartzenegger, Dorian Yates, Jay Cutler), NFL football, healthy food, Nike shoes, Seattle Seahawks

Project requirements:

4 sources

20 facts numbered

Outline of everything going into paper

Intro Page

Body of Paper

Works Cited Page

Please let me know if any clarification is needed

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