Research Proposal-Food Desert

Research Proposal-Food Desert

Research Proposal: Food Desert Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction Food desert simply means that people are not sure about where they will get there food. Consequently people are ready to eat anything that comes along their way without caring about nutritional value or healthy diet. Food desert remains among one of the most significant challenges facing people globally especially people in third world countries. Most people living in low income regions are often impacted by unavailability of balanced and nutritional diets which leads to poor health and social life (American Nutrition Association 2010). The researchers have previously conducted several studies relating to how food deserts impact social and health outcomes. Most of previous studies have confirmed the existence of considerable relationship between people’s and wrong outcomes. Secondly during the research I might also suffer from habituation bias whereby the research respondents might respond similar responses to my questions. My last bias as a researcher includes confirmation bias whereby I expect the respondents to my questions in a certain way that supports my hypothesis. References American Nutrition Association (2010). USDA Defines Food Deserts. Retrieved Online Beaulac J. Kristjansson E. & Cummins S. (2009). Peer reviewed: A systematic review of food deserts 1966-2007. Preventing chronic disease  6(3). Black C. Moon G. & Baird J. (2014). Dietary inequalities: what is the evidence for the effect of the neighbourhood food environment?. Health & place  27 229-242. Buila S. (2011). Exploring Food Access and Health Disparities. International Journal of Health Wellness & Society  1(3). []

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Assignment 1: Research Questions and Hypotheses Part 1: This first assignment is 2-4 pages in length total. I ask that you spend about 1 full page identifying a problem that you want to research(i.e. How do food deserts impact social and health outcomes)? You must create a brief problem statement based on literature (who, what, where, when, why and how) must be described along with three APA citations that are no older than 2008. Part 2: Spend most of the paper writing ten potential research questions as well as hypotheses for each of them. Clearly identify the independent and dependent variable for each research question. Part 3: Please end the paper with a paragraph or two identifying your biases as a researcher. No matter the kind of research you must be aware of what you bring to the research. You must spend at least a full paragraph on this section.

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