Research Topic and Thesis Proposal

I need each “week” in separate folders, then ultimately the final paper. I also need the project proposal by 

Please take the time to read the instructions carefully and let me know if you need any more information on my end. 

I would also prefer if the paper was not based on Robotic Surgery. 

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LAS Course Project

This capstone course concludes with a research-based Course Project that starts during the first week of the session and continues throughout the duration of the course. It culminates with the submission of a formal, written report in Week 7. In addition to the final outcomes, students will also conduct a peer evaluation of another student’s project in order to provide feedback that enhances the work in a collaborative environment.

For the project, each student will identify and explore emerging technology. This will be a technology that may already exist but is drawing attention because of new applications, anticipated impacts, or potential controversies. Examples could include but are in no way limited to, the following subjects.

NanotechnologyGenetically modified organismsDronesAutomatic carsRemote or robotic surgeryWireless electricityAll students must upload a draft of their entire paper to the team area by Tuesday.
Students must download the Peer Evaluation Presentation Assessment Form located under the Course Project page, Grading Rubrics, Week 6.
Students must read their peer’s work and complete the Peer Evaluation Presentation Assessment Form.
Students must then create a PowerPoint presentation with audio, to communicate their findings regarding the report (refer to the template located under the Course Project page, Grading Rubrics, Week 6 for help in this area). The final product will assess the communication style of the presenter and should include the following components:

A title page
Concluding RemarksIn-text citations and a references slideAppropriate visual aids to support the presentationLastly, the PowerPoint presentation and the Peer Evaluation Assessment Form must be submitted to the Dropbox for the grading purposes, and to the student in which they reviewed for their improvement purposes, by the end of the week
Download Attachment: 
LAS432_Course_Project_Details (1).docx

The student will address the historical, social, cultural, moral, and ethical issues presented by their selected technology.

The Task

The primary focus of this assignment is for the student to research and assess the issues associated with a specific emerging technology. It requires that student submit an APA formatted, 10-12 page paper, during Week 7 of the session. Students will also conduct a peer evaluation of another student’s work, during Week 6, and must prepare a 5-10 minute presentation communicating their thoughts on the work.

The Paper must be well researched and utilize scholarly resources (refer to the Week 7 APA Paper Template under the Course Project page and the Writing and Research Help page located under Course Home). The final product should include the following components:

· A title page – Including the student’s name

· An abstract

· A table of contents

· An introduction, including a clearly defined thesis statement (Roughly 1 page)

· A historical timeline that diagrams at least 3 predecessors to the emergent technology that includes a written assessment on how these technologies influenced the development of the current technology (Roughly 2 pages) – Please note that the timeline should be a horizontal visual component at the beginning of the section and the written assessment should take up a majority of the 2 pages.

· An analysis of the technology’s influence on society considering all of the following components. (Roughly 4 pages)





 And the Environmental Impact

· An evaluation of the ethical considerations associated with the technology in relation to its impact on humanity. (Roughly 2 pages)

· Concluding remarks that include predictions for the future of humanity given the technology’s emergence. (Roughly 1 page)

· In-text citations and a reference section in APA format

· A one-page peer evaluation analysis detailing

 A copy of the Peer Evaluation Grading Sheet

 The edits added or subtracted from the suggestions provided by the collaboration

 A description of the reasoning behind the changes

 Appropriate statistical graphs/visual aids to support the paper

The Peer Evaluation Assessment and PowerPoint Presentation will help to foster collaboration during the writing process, as at times, others can see what you cannot. Since an audience can react to aspects of your argument in ways you may not anticipate, having the feedback of a peer can be invaluable.

The Peer Evaluation Assessment and PowerPoint Presentation will allow a sense of collaboration in this course project. Although it isn’t essential to incorporate every comment/suggestion made by your peer, it is important that the student be open to the process and look for the opportunities that others will provide you as a means of improving your argument, and ultimately your final grade.

For the Peer Evaluation Assessment and PowerPoint Presentation, the student will read and respond to a fellow student’s paper by creating a PowerPoint presentation, with audio, that communicates a professional and considerate response. This is a five-step process.

 An introduction slide, outlining the purpose and flow of the presentation

 Format of paper evaluation

 Historical Timeline and Predecessor Assessment Evaluation

 Analysis of Impact Evaluation

 Ethical Considerations Evaluation