Rheumatoid Arthritis Advances in Treatment Discussion

Rheumatoid Arthritis Advances in Treatment Discussion

[Post First Discussion] Module 03 Discussion – Use it or Lose it!

Immobility can be long-term, for example being paralyzed; short-term,  for example wearing a cast; or temporary, for example traveling in a  car for several hours. The amount of time a person is immobilized can  have an impact on the nervous and muscular systems changing sensations  or movement.

Share an experience where you have been immobilized and identify what  body systems were affected by this immobility. Describe the symptoms  you experienced that indicated those body systems were affected. Explain  what caused these symptoms.

Module 03 Written Assignment – Advances in Treatment

Treatment options for acute and chronic diseases continue to advance  in efforts to cure diseases or manage symptoms and improve quality of  life. While working in healthcare, it is important to be able to  research treatment options to understand the different treatments or  questions patients may need to consider.

Select 1 disease directly related to one of the body systems reviewed  in this module. Research and select a peer reviewed article written  within the past 5 years discussing treatment options for the selected  disease and write a 1-page (minimum) Annotated Bibliography. For  annotated bibliographies, use standard APA format for the citations,  then add a brief entry, including:

  • 2 to 4 sentences to summarize the main idea(s) of the source including a brief summary of the disease and treatment option(s).
  • 1 or 2 sentences to assess and evaluate the source including if this information is reliable and discuss if the source is objective or biased.
  • 1 or 2 sentences to reflect on the source including how this information can benefit a patient and your understanding of the selected disease.

Use APA formatting for your citations and references. For more information on APA, navigate to the Resources tab in this course.

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