Rise and Fall of Roman Empire and Agricultural Revolution

Rise and Fall of Roman Empire and Agricultural Revolution

Identifications: Please answer four (4) and only four of the following identifications. A good identification should be about four to five sentences in length and tell me who, what, when, where and the historical significance of the identification. Value: 30 Points.1. Gladiatorial Games2. Wudi3. The Great Famine4. The Black Death5. Agricultural Revolution6. Artillery Revolution Pt. 1Brief Essay: Please answer one (1) and only one of the following brief essays. A good answer should be four to five paragraphs in length and tell me everything that was covered in the lecture concerning the essay topic. Value: 30 Points.1. Textbook Question: Please describe the rise and structure of Spartan Society. A good answer should discuss The Messenians, Lycurgus the Lawgiver, Spartan Education, Spartan Government, Spartan Society and its big problem.2. Please describe the rise and fall of the Roman Republic. A good answer will discuss the founding myths of the Romans, The Punic Wars and their effects, The rise of Latifundia and the masses, the Gracchi, and finally the rise of military strongmen and the fall of the Republic.3. Please discuss the Carolingian Empire. A good answer will discuss Charles Martel, the Rise of Charlemagne as well as his government and religious policies and finally will discuss the fall of the Carolingian EmpireLong Essay: .Every student is required to answer the long essay. A good answer will be seven to eight paragraphs in length and discuss all of the material that we have covered in lecture. Value: 40 Points.1. Please describe the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. A good answer should discuss the Principate, the Pax Romana, the Five Good Emperors, Good Engineering and Laws, the issue of trade and the Third Century Crisis, the Rise of Diocletian, Tetrarchy, the Rise of Constantine, Christianity, the Goths and the Huns and the Goths again. Extra Credit (for a possible ten extra-credit points): Please tell me everything that you can about the Artillery Revolution Pt. 2

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