Slavery in The Americas Black Women & Human Desire for Freedom Discussion

Slavery in The Americas Black Women & Human Desire for Freedom Discussion

How would you compare slavery in the Americas – Caribbean, South America, and North America?

2-There were black women who were historically at the forefront of advocating for women equality and women suffrage movement in the United States. Name at least three Black women and explain specific contributions each made to the advancement of rights of women in general and black women in particular. What role each played in women suffrage movement?

3-Resistance has historically been an inherent part of human desire for freedom. The desire for freedom by enslaved people was often expressed by various forms of resistance – Silence resistance, violent resistance, and revolts. State and discuss at least two examples of any of the three forms of resistance by enslaved people in the Americas – either North America, South America, and Caribbean. How the two examples of the resistance you discussed ended? The powerpoint lecture notes and textbook should guide you in the discussions.

4-What is the difference between Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism? Explain the goals and objectives of Pan-Africanism before WWII and after WWII. Did Pan-Africanism succeed or fail to unit Africans and peoples of African descent globally.

5-Who were the earlier advocates of the Back to Africa movement and why? Who was Marcus Garvey and how he influenced the Back to Africa movement? Was he successful in sending Black people back to Africa? Why or why not? What were the disagreements between Garvey and Dubois regarding Pan-Africaism and Back to Africa movement?

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