Strategic Marketing Plan On Coca Cola

Internal Data

Evaluate internal sources of information available to you inside the organization and what information you will receive from each source. Identify 3-6 sources of internal data. Insert or remove rows as needed.
What    it Measures
Potential    Usage
Example: Sales data
Monthly sales by specific product
Average sales that month in US   dollars for each of 10 products. Data can be segmented by business and   consumer markets.
Can be used for trend analysis,   projections, and to measure effectiveness of promotions.

Secondary Data

Evaluate secondary data sources and the specific information you need from each source. Insert or remove rows as needed.
What    it Measures
Potential    Usage
Example: retail store analytics
Dollar value of sales by quarter by   major product categories
Total sales of major players
Market Share Analysis
Seasonal patterns

Primary Data

Evaluate primary data needs to create and evaluate the marketing plan. Insert or remove rows as needed.
What it Measures
Potential Usage
Example: Focus group
Product usage, motives, identify   group level satisfaction, decision process, etc.
Identify different reactions of   market segments to product. Identify marketing opportunities, product/service   flaws and opportunities

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Customer Relationship Management

Establish customer touchpoints and develop appropriate CRM events for customer acquisition, retention, and profitability. Insert or remove rows as needed.
CRM    Touchpoint
Purpose    & CRM Objective
Potential    Data Usage
Example: Customer profile   information on website
Starts the account for visitors:   name, geography, email address (Customer acquisition)
Presale: geographic location;   customer id, source of reference
Email address
Post sales: address, product   purchased, quantity, price.
Track new and returning customer   counts, total period purchases by customer ID, geographic sales data. Can be   used for loyalty rewards, retention, and targeted marketing.