Stress Management Among Adolescents Annotated Bibliography

Stress Management Among Adolescents Annotated Bibliography

Students will find and read information on their chosen health topic and write a summary and analysis of 3 different sources: 2 websites and 1 peer-reviewed research article from the library database. A rubric will be posted on Canvas. Total: 100 points.

  • Minimum 1000 words (~3 pages, plan on 1 page per source).
  • All 3 sources must be related to the same topic.
  • 1 website must follow in-class guidelines for a reliable internet source: government, college/university, national association, major philanthropic association
  • The research article must be from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal and published in the last 10 years.
  • All sources must include a citation (MLA7 or 8 or APA format-same for all 3).
  • Summary/analysis should include all of the following for each source:
    • Summary of the important points of the article
    • Description of the author/organization and their credentials
    • Purpose of the article and intended audience
    • Comparison to your other sources and analysis of this source’s contribution to your topic; particularly regarding
      • Trustworthiness of source
      • If/how this source is informative/helpful regarding your topic
    • Paper must be typed and submitted via Canvas and will be checked for similarity with SimCheck *new*

THIS IS EXAMPLE PAPER file:///Users/INESMUSH/Downloads/HLTH%20104%20example%20paper%20-%20research%20assignment.pdf

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