strict actions set by the CMS discussion help

strict actions set by the CMS discussion help

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Never events are a list of serious events that should never happen in a health care setting. The consequence of a never event can include patient harm as well as an increased cost to the health care institution. Not only does the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) deny reimbursement for these events, it also bans the health care facility from charging the patient directly for them (Elsevier,2010).

Previous to 1999 medical errors were generally acceptable and thought to be just consequences of care and were not really made known or sort of swept under the rug so to speak. But in 1999 the IOM report called To Err is Human made the public aware that about 98,000 patients died yearly as a result of medical
mistakes. The IOM’s second report entitled Crossing the Quality Chasm made what it called the failures of the health care system public knowledge which in turn prompted a demand for a better prepared work force, evidence based health care practice, improved information technology, and an adjustment of payment policies with quality improvement (McKeon & Cardell, 2011).

Previous to this call to action when less than quality nursing care resulted in a CAUTI, for example, the insurer then paid a higher rate to the hospital for treatment of this problem. The higher price was due to a longer stay and the antibiotics that the patient now needed to clear up the infection. The IOM however called for all health care insurers and Medicare to provide incentives for quality care such as rewarding hospitals that use evidence based practice standards and prevention strategies that avoid these costly events. This came in the form of rate adjustments for quality care ( McKeon & Cardell, 2011).

Because of this change in policy and funding, hospitals are educating their work force on evidence based practices and implementing them into their quality care. They are also employing staff with a higher level of education in an attempt to raise the bar in health care to meet the strict standards now in place. The ability of highly skilled nurses to reduce medical errors is being recognized as more than half of all never events are directly related to nursing care. This reimbursement policy is giving nurses an opportunity to take a huge leadership role with the prevention of these avoidable accidents.


In my hospital for instance, we are implementing many care standards and changes such as the “4 hands 4 eyes” policy for catheter placement. This means that no matter the patient orientation there is always 2 nurses at the bedside for catheter placement so that there is a much decreased chance of something happening that would break the sterile field during catheter placement that might introduce an infection due to placement. We also have required catheter care each shift that has additional shift documentation. The CMS shift has implemented policies that produce the highest quality of care possible in health care at this time (Elsevier,201



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