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Using the 2 readings quote as much as possible (at least 8 quotes or more)

Question to be discussed


Hujsak’s chapter on “sustainability’ really tails Hugos closely as it

does the previous chapter on green. Many of the arguments in both

previous chapters are reincarnate in this chapter. I do not see much

value in re-discussing electricity and the carbon footprint. I was

struck by several aspects of this chapter. The author writes (187):

“Information technology holds the promise of revolutionary improvements

in global enterprise sustainability that will dramatically enhance

enterprise agility, increase operational efficiency, and even turn cost

centers into profit centers.” Several innovations in data management are

reshaping the IT landscape. These are discussed in the chapter: server

virtualization, storage virtualization, desktop virtualization, and the

near future network virtualization. As an executive, the question raised

by the chapter regarding virtualization as a sustainability strategy is

less than a yes/no, but a when/how. We will ask ourselves, and discuss,

the extent to which the virtualization of processing portends the

removal of a dedicated IT staff. We will discuss the extent to which the

CIO is no longer the manager of a dedicated expert staff, but fully

engaged in vendor management and service oversight. Finally we should

ask ourselves the extent to which bricks and mortar will even define the

corporation as an entity. The corporation, or at least its

administrative wing, is more of an abstract. Does it matter if the

processing engine of your corporate data is in Bangladesh or Nairobi?

Does it matter what flag the vendor’s employees salute or what god they

worship? Once we have achieved global network infrastructure stability

and redundancy, we may find ourselves seriously questioning our

understanding of “corporation” or even employment.

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