The Age of Discovery

The Age of Discovery

  1. According to “The Age of Discovery,” Prince Henry the Navigator:
  2. According to “Protestant Reformation,” which of the following best represents the significance of the Peace of Augsburg of 1555?
  3. According to “Protestant Reformation,” which of the following was NOT included in the discussion of Luther’s teachings in the lecture presentation on the Protestant Reformation?
  4. According to “Catholic Reformation,” the Council of Trent
  5. According to the “Reformation in Europe,” who started the teachings of the Reformation in Switzerland?
  6. According to “Protestant Reformation,” there were important links between the Renaissance and the Reformation. Which of the following was part of that connection?
  7. According to “Reformation in Europe,” what influenced the outcome of the Reformation in Germany?
  8. According to “Catholic Reformation,” the early Jesuits viewed themselves as
  9. According to “The Age of Discovery,” what factors listed below contributed to European expansion?
  10. According to “The Age of Discovery,” Spain’s expansion was more methodical and intentional than Portugal’s.

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