the fall of Rome

the fall of Rome

DBRG 400

Exam #2 Due Friday May 22@11:59 PM via Canvas

Total—10 points each–100 points

Chapter 4

  1. The historian Rodney Stark writes “the fall of Rome was, in fact, the most beneficial event in the rise of Western Civilization.” What new innovations and inventions, does he write about, were born after the fall of Rome?


  1. What four primary reasons do historians use to justify referring to the period after the fall of Rome as the “dark ages?” How does Rodney Stark challenge those assumptions?


  1. What innovations began in agriculture, wind and waterpower, and in transportation during the “dark ages?”


  1. Describe the changes in art and architecture as a result of the Carolingian renaissance?


  1. Describe the century of successful conquests by the Muslim armies the century after the death of Muhammed in 632AD. How was the conquest stopped at the Battle of Tours by Charles Martel?


Chapter 5

  1. How did the Vikings use new technologies to conquer and settle in large areas of Europe? What impact did the Viking longships have on their advance?


  1. What were the reasons that Pope Urban II called for a “crusade” to conquer the Christian “holy lands” in 1095? Who formed the first armies of the Crusades and were they successful?


  1. Stark writes that early Christianity was divided between the Church of Power and the Church of Piety. Describe the differences between them.


  1. Describe the democracies that developed in both Venice and Genoa.


  1. How does Stark define “capitalism?” Explain why you agree or disagree with his definition.


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