The Growth of Feminism in The United States

The Growth of Feminism in The United States

Pecha Kucha (peh-chuk-chuh) comes from the Japanese word for “chit chat.” The history behind the Pecha Kucha is to go beyond the typical PowerPoint presentation and to move to a more engaging storytelling method of presentation.

The format for a Pecha Kucha is 20X20—20 slides with 20 seconds of narration each. This mathematically computes to 6 minutes, 40 seconds of speaking time. Pecha Kucha presentations have no text on the slides. It is up to you to fluidly tell the story of the images you choose. Please practice your timing.

Your Pecha Kucha should be based on the story you want to tell about America. Please cover whatever you think is most critical to your American story and include images that represent as many of the time periods we’ve covered as possible (1600–present). Periods should receive equal representation. (Pecha Kuchas that only reference the 20th and 21st centuries, for example, will not receive a passing grade.)

The point of a Pecha Kucha is to create a cohesive narrative that the student is able to speak freely about because he or she is well acquainted with the subject matter. Please create your Pecha Kucha in Kaltura Media Gallery and submit a Word document with your name and the link to your Pecha Kucha in Kaltura.

*Instructions on how to set a Power Point presentation so that the slides advance every 20 seconds.

Open PowerPoint. In slide view, right-click on the first slide on the left and select Layout and Blank. This creates a blank canvas.

Right-click again on the slide and select Duplicate. This creates another slide just like it.

Because the Duplicate command is already in PowerPoint’s memory, use the shortcut Ctrl-Y to repeat the duplicate (or just right-click duplicate again) 18 more times, for a total of 20 blank slides.

Use Ctrl-A to Select all slides in the left, and then go to Animation, advance slide, and set it to 20 seconds.

You can also select transition styles and speed here. Just don’t choose Dissolve—the simplest is the best. Maybe nothing more than a simple fade.

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