The Rape of the Lock and Other Poems Primary Source

The Rape of the Lock and Other Poems Primary Source

Class: Modern Europe

Book Info: A History of Modern Europe (Fourth Edition) (Vol. Volume Two), 4th Edition – Textbook Readings: Merriman – Chs. 15-17 –… – Textbook Readings – Merriman, Chapter 15: “Liberal Challenges to Restoration Europe” – Merriman, Chapter 16: “The Revolutions of 1848” – Merriman, Chapter 17: “Era of National Unification”

Internet Sourcebook – Primary Sources

Use this link to locate primary sources for your primary source assignments. You are free to use other sources to find primary sources, but this includes many European primary sources for ease of access.

Primary Source Assignment Instructions – – “Week 1 Only”. – “Assignment”

Primary Source Assignment Template Form – – “Use this form for the questions”.

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