The societies remain to be at the prime of the nation POl 350 week 1 exercise help

dear writer here are the instruction for this assignment but you will need to read the book for this assignment i am going to upload the pic of the book you can google it online to find the etext or the pdf i will also upload the written rubrics from my teacher about this assignment read it very good and also applique them in your written here are the instructions:

At the end of Chapter Two in the textbook, there are four websites of policy think tanks listed. Choose two to review in general and choose one policy area in each to review more specifically. Adhering to APA style, write a one-to-two page summary of both and discuss their mission, goals and areas of expertise. Include which group you would use for what types of policy issues and what cautions, if any, you may exercise using them and a conclusion.

Also remember dear writer use the written rubrics i upload while

written this paper this instructor is very hard in grading and also add

references at the end remember to google the book i attached the book

pic download it and google the book name read chapter two and next

follow the instructions.

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