Tracy Treuberg

Tracy Treuberg

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It is fascinating to me to read about the struggle of people like Florence NIghtingale who was instrumental in making nursing what it is today. Also the many others who helped make nursing a multifaceted profession such as Isabel Hampton, Lillian Wald and Mary Brewster. They each brought nursing into different areas like the community, private homes and hospitals. They fought for education and training for nurses which in turn helped make nursing a well respected profession. It really makes me appreciate the opportunity I have been provided to have a well respected and well paid career with the chance to make a difference.

Three trends in the history of nursing are 1.)Autonomy-In the beginning nurses were expected to follow commands by physicians and not have any input. Now nurses are an important part of decision making and planning 2.) Technology-There is so much technology with computers, the tools we use and the steps we take to perform everyday tasks now that was not available to nurses in the beginning. 3.) Education- Nurses used to be trained on the job without any formal education now there are multiple nursing schools.

These trends give me a greater respect for how far nursing has come and make me feel as if there are no boundaries to how far we can go. There is always room for improvement.


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