Using role-play videos to increase waiting time tolerance

Using role-play videos to increase waiting time tolerance

The role of role-play educational videos in increasing tolerance to triage waiting time Introduction The doctor-patient encounter is a dynamic and complex interaction that takes a considerable amount of time and often result in long triage waiting time. This is of particular concern especially for the emergency department where every passing second or minute is crucial given that mortality rates have been shown to be as high as eighty-five percent in patients arriving here within the first 20 minutes of arrival (Imperato Morris Sanchez & Setnik 2013). In addition to the threat to life of the patient long triage waiting time has been associated through research with overcrowding at the hospital waiting rooms patients leaving before consulting with the physician delays in initiation of medical care and eventually patient dissatisfaction (Ajami Ketabi & Mahmoodabadi 2013). Triaging at the emergency department entails evaluation of the patient to establish the level A. (2014). Waiting times in emergency department after using the emergency severity index triage tool. Archives of trauma research 3(4). French S. Lindo J. L. Jean E. W. W. & Williams-Johnson J. (2014). Doctor at triage–Effect on waiting time and patient satisfaction in a Jamaican hospital. International emergency nursing 22(3) 123-126. Imperato J. Morris D. S. Sanchez L. D. & Setnik G. (2013). Improving patient satisfaction by adding a physician in triage. Journal of Hospital Administration 3(1) 7. Kumari K. M. Amberkar M. & Nandit P. B. (2012). Patients’ Response to Waiting Time in an Out-Patient Pharmacy at a Tertiary Care Hospital. Elalouf A. & Wachtel G. (2015). An alternative scheduling approach for improving patient-flow in emergency departments. Operations Research for Health Care 7 94-102. Ngongo B. T. Carlier A. & Mols P. (2011). Patient complaints in a hospital emergency department in Belgium. Revue medicale de Liege 66(4) 199-204. []

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Introduction only link it to middle east and gulf area UAE / Dubai introduction 1000 ward excluding the references. APA style I Have 8 hrs only simple english direct forward

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