UTasmania Surveillance for Chlamydia Disease in Australia

UTasmania Surveillance for Chlamydia Disease in Australia

Assignment Three

Task Description Essay (choice of essay topics)

Select one of the following essay topics

Critically review and evaluate the process of surveillance for ONE of the following diseases in Australia. Include important components of the national guidelines and then compare these processes followed by ONE State or Territory.

  1. Chlamydia (sexually transmitted disease)


  1. Dengue Fever

We encourage you to prepare for this essay by using the material as outlined below.

Guide to assignment writing is available through the following website LIST (Library Information Skills Tutorial) MyLO site

Students are required to undertake several library searches for the many components of the essay and to keep each search comprehensive, but you can limit this to the last 10 years so your work remains current and in line with government strategies.

  • Academic references included, be sure to use Harvard or Vancouver style. You’ll find the referencing guides for these on the UTAS website here:http://utas.libguides.com/referencing.
Assessment criteria For details of assessment criteria please see the Assignment 3 Rubric

Please note that Harvard or Vancouver reference style is preferred for this unit.

Links to unit’s intended learning outcomes 1,2,3,4

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