Watch the film Super Size Me and write a research paper English homework help

For this essay, take an issue or topic from Super Size Me and explore it at length. Once you know what your topic focus will be, choose a question, problem, or issue that puzzles you. This choice will help you determine the scope and direction of your research project.

Resist closure over the course of the essay, opting to instead report what you discover as you wrestle with the question/problem/issue. Examine your question/problem/issue from multiple perspectives. Explore and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of these points of view and alternate positions.

Purpose: An emphasis of this essay is to explore appropriate sources on your chosen topic focus and to bring these sources into conversation with your own ideas while using critical thinking skills to develop insights into the topic under discussion.

You will utilize all the previous skills we’ve practiced throughout this course: summary, response, and analysis.

Source(s) Required: At least three sources are required for this essay, two of these must be primary sources. You’ll need sources that are more informational in nature that allow you to show the background and current context of the topic. All sources must be authoritative and credible; they should also represent a variety of perspectives on the topic.

Reference sources, such as an encyclopedia, (e.g. or a dictionary will not count as legitimate sources. This includes reference sites like and In addition, personal blogs or essays posted on personal websites or self-published on sites like and are not acceptable for the scope of this assignment.

Audience: You are writing to an audience of fellow students with comparable knowledge regarding the topic.

Format: 4-6 double-spaced pages, not including title page and reference page using MLA format.

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