When Does Graffiti Becomes an Art Essay

When Does Graffiti Becomes an Art Essay

I will provide the materials such as a video, an article and encyclopedia to read more about the theme. The essay have to be done from the previous readings materials. It has to be 2 1/2 pages. I will also add the format.


thats the video you should watch, n i will send you the article


Length and Format: This essay must be a minimum of two pages typed and double spaced in 12
point, Times New Roman font. The essay also needs to have a title.
Topic: In the previous unit, I introduced you to the concept of folk art. Now we will zoom in on one
particular “art” form: graffiti. After viewing Style Wars, reading the New York Times’ Room for
Debate on “When Does Graffiti Become Art?”, and reviewing the Encyclopedia of American
Folklife’s entry on “Graffiti,” answer the question “When does graffiti become art?” You should give
due consideration to both sides of the argument and then take a stand on one side or the other. As you
develop your own opinion, you should refer directly to issues and examples raised in the lecture,
readings, and video from the Folk Art and Graffiti units.
Drafting and Submission Requirements:
✓ You must:
o compose the essay yourself and in your own words.
o use quotes and parenthetical citations when incorporating the words of others.
o have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
o proofread.
o complete the assignment on time.
o submit the final draft digitally via Blackboard.

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