World Culture History Quiz Questions

World Culture History Quiz QuestionsHist 2001 Quiz #3 Name:______________________ Date__________ 1.Fill in the Blanks (2 pts. each) Word Bank: caliph calpullis chinampas Iman madrasas pueblo Quipu Shari’a sheik Sultan umma vizier 1. Commoners in Aztec society were members of large kinship groups called _____________ which were responsible for paying taxes and providing labor to the state. 2. _____________ was the title given to the leader of the Seljuk Turks, meaning “holder of the powe”r). 3. ___________ was the title of the successor to Muhammad, chosen by a group of his closest followers. 4. The system of knotted strings used by the Inka to keep records was the _________. 5. A _____________ was a three-story adobe communal house used by Amerindians living in present day New Mexico. 6. Schools established by the Abbasid Caliphate to teach Sunni orthodoxy were known as ___________. 7. _________________ was the term used by Muslims for a religious leader. 1 8. ____________ was the name for the prime minister during the Abbasid Caliphate. 9. The leader of a Bedouin tribe was called a _____________ . 10. _________________ were swampy islands in the Valley of Mexico, crisscrossed by canals used for farming. 2.Multiple Choice ( 3 pts. each) 1.The book, which means “prayer recitations”, is regarded by Muslims as the direct word of God to his prophet Muhammad: a. New Testament b. Qur’an c. Charter of Medina d. Talmud 2. The battle at which the Frankish army, under Charles Martel, defeated the Muslims in 732 was: a. Battle of Hastings b. Battle of Poitier c. Battle of Thermopylae d. Battle of Little Big Horn 3. What was the name of the first major metropolis in Mesoamerica? a. Teotihuacan b. Cuzco c. Tenochtitlan d. Clovis 2 4. The order issued by Muhammad forming the first umma or community was the: a. Charter of Medina b. Ark of the Covenant c. Edict of Milan d. The Qur’an 5. What was the civilization living in Mesoamerica, around the Yucatan peninsula, between 500 BCE and 900 CE? a. Inka b. Apache c. Mayan d. Moche 6. Which of the following is not a true statement about the Aztecs? a. they were fierce warriors b. they were polytheistic c. they created a written language d. they performed ritual human sacrifices 7. What was the name of the early Mesoamerican society which created massive stone heads? a. Mayans b. Olmecs c. Inka d. Navajos 3 8. What was the capital city of the Inka Empire? a. Tenochtitlan b. Clovis c. Teotihuacan d. Cuzco 9. Most Muslims today are members of which sect? a. Sunni b. Kurdish c. Shi’a d. Zoroastrianism 10. Where was the Hopewell Culture located? a. Valley of Mexico b. Yucatan Peninsula c. the foothills of the Andes Mountains d. between Lake Superior & the Appalachian Mountains 3. Essay Questions: (25 points each: answer both) 1.Describe the similarities and differences in the development of civilizations in the Americas and in Mesopotamia. 4 2. Describe the differences in how Muslims & Christians viewed the causes & conduct of the Crusades, and how those differences reflected how they viewed each other. 4. Extra Credit ( 1 pt./each, 5 pts. max.) What are the 5 Pillars of Islam? 1_______________ 2_______________ 3_______________ 4_______________ 5________________ 5 …

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