Write 5 pages thesis on the topic masculinity across cultures.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic masculinity across cultures. One of the similarities between American and Italian masculinity norms is dominance over women. In both cultures, the male regards themselves as dominant over women (Iwamoto et al.). For instance, in the US, controlling women is one of the measures of manhood. Indeed, it amounts to what it takes to be a man. A man’s failure to dominate women is considered a failure of manhood. Similarly, in Italy, men regard themselves as superior to women. Even in a situation of predatory sexuality, men are considered the aggressors because of their perceived dominance over women (Perrote 14).

Secondly, masculinity in American society is similar to that of Italian society because they are both proven in public. In Italy, public space is an ideal ground for showcasing masculinity. For example, after work, Italian men gather in public places to discuss politics and other societal issues. In such places, men show their masculinity by presenting very good images of themselves to the public. Men deliberately go to such places and take active roles because they want to be seen as good in the public arena (Perrote 14-15). Similarly, American men display their masculinity by asserting their influence over certain situations, particularly in public settings. For example, most college men who drink do so because they want to be seen as able to drink a lot without getting drunk.

The Italian and American displays of masculinity are comparable in terms of attitudes towards sexual orientation. In both societies, the male always has a tendency to publicly display their sexual orientation as heterosexual. no one wants to be seen as homosexual because of stigma and other consequences associated with homosexuality. For instance, in Italy, homosexuals can be subjected to physical or verbal abuse (Perrote 15). Apart from that, being homosexual affects an individual’s reputation as a man. Although they are under the protection of the law, homosexuals in America can also experience stigma and verbal abuse.

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Masculinity in Italy differs from that of America in terms of attitudes towards work. To an Italian man, a good job is the one that pays a considerable salary and provides an individual with the necessary freedom in life (Perrote 14-15).