Art History

Art History

Follow up assignment:

Written Assignment 6: short statement as to how the literature on your work incorporates issues of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, nationality and/or class These issues might be very subtle and find their way into the literature in very unobtrusive ways.

Written Assignment 7: A sentence or two with references to ways that your work of art has made its way into popular culture – in fiction, the press, or social media. Some of you have already covered this in previous assignments

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Written Assignment 8: abstract of 200-250 words Your abstract should summarize your main ideas and conclusions together with how you intend to support these notions. It should sound tantalizing, enticing, and provocative.

this follow up assignment. I have my professor comments on it which is in red color please review and edit it. there is no specific words limit as long as you answer and explain perfectly it will be fine.

due in 15 hours