Biographical Highlight of a Chicana

Biographical Highlight of a Chicana

Prepare a brief visual presentation with accompanying short essay that highlights the life of a Chicana (or alternatively, a member of the Chicana LBGTQI community) of your choice. You are free to research and select from any public figures from any point in history (so many options); you may also choose to interview someone you know.

  • Remember to cite your sources, including qualitative interviews.
  • Remember to go beyond summarizing the person’s life to incorporate your insights and course connections; in other words, have an interpretation of their life’s highlights as it relates to the course
  • The visual presentation can take any shareable format. If this were an in-class presentation, you would aim for about 5 minutes of presentation material. This part of the assignment will be shared in this module’s discussion for peer review and commentary. Because this is an online course, you have so much liberty here to do any of the following:
    • create a traditional powerpoint, prezi, or canva presentation
    • organize a clickable mock website (all SJSU students have access to the entire Adobe creative suite, including Adobe Spark)
    • create an Instagram page with a series of posts
    • create a series of TikToks and present the links as a guided tour of sorts (you can even com
    • create a mock online magazine
    • create a digital art gallery
    • create poster art
    • create a comic or short children’s book
    • etcetera – you are by no means limited to this list
  • Remember to submit your 4 page essay here for points

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