Conflicts and Colonial Legacies Essay

Conflicts and Colonial Legacies Essay

Part II: Three (3) short essay to be answered in two substantial paragraphs each (6-7 sentences per paragraph) (25 points each. 75 points out of/100) You can go ahead and get started on these: 1) Central Conflicts and Colonial Legacies. Discuss some of the “central conflicts” of the colonial era, our “colonial legacies” that would shape the region for centuries to come: of the conquest, subjugation and exploitation of Native peoples (native slavery, the encomienda); diseases and demographic collapse (which ones? When? Consequences?); the transatlantic slave trade (how did that happen? How many? To what regions and for what?), and the emergence of race as a hegemonic idea (why is that important?); and patriarchy as a hegemonic idea. and discuss how these would matter for the modern era- the 19th-21st centuries. Remember, “legacies” don’t have to be negative, for example: culture, transculturation, language and music… Explain each part with specific examples (Study hints: our lectures, Chasteen’s ch’s 1-3; our films on conquest; our podcasts on race and “caste” system; our documents from Wood & Alexander on Colonial era) 2) Manifest Destiny. Describe the emergence of “Manifest Destiny” in the U.S. – tell us what it is, how it emerged, and explain how it impacted Native peoples in the U.S. (the Cherokee, Plains Indians, Native Peoples of the West,…) in the 19th century. Then explain how the U.S. came to take half of Mexico, and how the Mexican-American and Native American population that lived in the territories that the U.S. took from Mexico in 1848 (California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas…) fared after 1848. Explain each part with specific examples (Study hints: our lectures, Chasteen’s ch. 5 including “Countercurrents,” our lecture our films “To Conquer or Redeem: Manifest Destiny, Pt II, Empire of Liberty”, films & podcasts on Native Peoples, American Yawp ch’s 17 “Conquering the West” & LAT art. genocide of California natives…) 3) Progress, Neocolonialism & U.S. Imperial Expansion. Describe the political, economic, ideological, and social changes of the late 19th century and how those transformed this hemisphere. Discuss how the major technological innovations of the late 19th century, as well as foreign investment, contributed to the export-led growth and the transformation of the region (our ‘globalization 2.0; discuss specific regions, specific countries and specific products [crops/mining] they came to specialize in and explain why that was important). What were some social consequences of that economic growth? (I.e. who benefited? Dislocations? What kind and where?). Immigration is an important part of these trends- discuss. Lastly, explain how “Progress” also led to “Imperialism”, i.e., how the U.S. economic penetration of Latin America in the late 19th century and early 20th century led to the political and military domination of Latin America, especially Central America and the Caribbean (discuss “dollar diplomacy, “gunboat diplomacy”, the Roosevelt Corollary, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama and U.S. “protectorates”) Discuss also how the U.S. came to acquire Hawaii and the Philippines and the consequences for Hawaiian and Filipino sovereignty (discuss “Benevolent Assimilation”). Explain each part with specific examples (Study hints: our lectures, films “To Conquer or Redeem: Manifest Destiny” Acts I and III & “The Panama Canal”; Chasteen chapters 6 and 7; my important articles “The U.S. and America Since History 115 Page 6 of 6 Dr. Contreras the end of the 19th century” and “The Monroe Doctrine,” our documents from Wood & Alexander; our podcast “1898 and Becoming America;” American Yawp, ch. 19, “American Empire”)


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