The Rise of Fascism in Europe Annotated Bibliography

The Rise of Fascism in Europe Annotated Bibliography

In preparing your draft, begin by looking over The Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab: Annotated Bibliographies, being sure to look over the instructions, example, and samples. While you will be utilizing Chicago style citation rather than MLA or APA style as in the guide, it is helpful to review the detailed summation and analysis provided in the examples. If you are struggling to determine what to write about a source, this webpage, Write an Annotated Bibliography, documents a number of questions you can ask to get started. When you have finished, you should check your annotation against the helpful section entitled “Elements to Include in the Annotation” at this webpage, Preparing an Annotated Bibliography, to see what could be added to make your annotation stronger. This draft will be graded using the Milestone Two Annotated Bibliography Guidelines and Rubric.

For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Two Annotated Bibliography Guidelines and Rubric document.” (< This is attached)

This is technically a draft of my annotated bibliography which my professor will provide feedback for before my final submission. I would like it as close to a final draft as possible so that few edits will be needed before my final submission.

Attached is my topic proposal and the Guidelines and Rubric.

A working Thesis needs to be generated. Something like “The rise of fascism in Europe was brought on by economic difficulties, the Treaty of Versailles, weak democracies, and the fear of spreading communism” ( This can be adjusted)

This must be done in Chicago/Turabian format

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