Data Managment (Example)

Data Managment (Example)
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Organizations data analysis Student’s name: Institution Affiliation: Course: Date: Abstract In this proposal report I am going to explain more about data analysis in organizations dealing with retail industries. These organizations have challenges they face when collecting data. They need to come up with solutions to build up an organization’s productivity and efficiency. Such solutions include: existing data consolidation eliminating legacy storage systems cost reduction owning of data and making it easier to access data. With the answers named above organizations will however have a tranquil environment for the company and its people with the help of qualified data analysts. Data analysts are known to have a good reputation of the organization’s progress. This paper will be discussed intensely in analyzing and interpreting organization’s data. INTRODUCTION Most of the organizations nowadays tend to have more time in data collection. Data collection is the regular access to measuring and gathering set goals planning methods of collecting data interpreting and analyzing data and how they act on the findings. The productivity of an organization is influenced by accessing data easily and fast having new technology techniques for analyzing data and high storage systems. All organizations should hire qualified and experienced data analysts to provide efficiency and productivity to the organization. Finally data analysts should come up with new and best opportunities to put up into however improving the performance of the organization. References What is involved in collecting data – six steps to success? (2018). Ontario Human Rights Commission. Retrieved 26 February 2018 from Analytics D. & analyst M. (2018). Marketing Analytics: 4 tips for productive conversations with your data analyst – MarketingExperiments. MarketingExperiments. Retrieved 26 February 2018 from Ankam V. Big data analytics. BV D. (2018). Easy-to-Use Database Design & Modeling Tool for MS Access. Retrieved 26 February 2018 from […]

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Your proposal report should be 3-4 pages ( abstract, reference and cover page are not counted) and well-written. Use academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate. It should be submitted after the Turnitin Originality Check prior to submitting it shouldn’t exceed 20%. in the recommendations and/ or conclusion dont forget to write what is your personal idea or experience or point of view (critical thinking).

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