Java Programming Language Comparison (Example)

Java Programming Language Comparison (Example)

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A Comparison between Java and Python Student’s Name Date A Comparison between Java and Python There is a wide range of programming languages for programmers to choose from. These languages differ from each other in many ways. Before opting for a particular a programming language it is crucial that a programmer understands features of the various programming languages. The case study gives a brief description of python and provides a comparison between Python and Java. Python is a purely interpreted high-level programming language. It is mainly used for general-purpose programming. Through its syntax programmers can express concepts in fewer lines of code (Python Organization 2009: 1-87). Clear programming on both large is fast and more reliable while python is simple and concise. Java is statically typed while python is dynamically typed. Each of these programming languages is powerful in its way. Therefore it is upon the programmer to choose the one he or she finds best for his or her program. References Python Organization (2009).Introduction to Python. Retrieved from: K. Sambasivam S. Rague B. & Wolthuis S. (2017). Java vs. Python Coverage of Introductory Programming Concepts: A Textbook Analysis. Information Systems Education Journal  15(3) 4. Mikoluk Kasia (2013). Python vs Java: Key Differences. Retrieved from: Tom (2016). Python Vs. Java: Duck Typing Parsing on Whitespace and other Cool Differences. Retrieved from: []

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The shelves of any bookstore’s computer section are filled with manuals for a wide variety of programming languages. You will find titles on PHP, HTML, Python, SQL and Java, just to name a few. Why so many? Why choose one over another? For this Discussion, you will consider Java in relation to another programming language of your choice and compare them. To complete this Assignment: Identify and briefly describe any programming language other than Java. Compare the features in Java with those of the identified language. 24 hour deadline!

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