Emergency Mode Operation

Emergency Mode Operation

We are looking at the “Emergency Mode in this section. Based upon your own insight, how would you characterize this period of time? Beyond the figurative (or real) caution tape, what are the most serious implications of this mode? Pick one adverse effect that is highlighted during this period and describe it carefully. What kinds of actions should the “A Team” (top level managers)take right now? Can you locate a citation that addresses this segment of the recovery process. Be certain to share your reasons for your choice.

Answer 1

The emergency mode is a crucial moment for any organization because it entails the struggle to revitalize from a natural disaster, resulting in a partial or total loss. The emergency mode is vital because it determines whether the organization would survive or close up completely. The most significant implications of the emergency mode include the fact that an organization’s ability to revive from a crisis depends on the firm’s emergency preparedness. The emergency mode is a bridge between the incident and the innovations required to restart the operations of the business through a recovery approach (Burtles, 2016). However, the emergency mode’s efficacy depends on the availability of emergency resources that facilitate prompt actions towards recovery.

An example of implementing emergency mode in such an unexpected crisis moment, HCO organization set up a policy of deploying the Emergency mode code of power failure. The following are supported by back-up power supplies or alternative power sources (HCO, 2020):

  • Cloud-based system
  • Cell-based Hot Spots
  • HCO Maintains two portable generators for emergency back-up.
  • Staff members maintain paper records of information that would ordinarily be recorded electronically.

Regarding the top managers’ tasks, the top managers have information about all the organization’s resources and key players in the emergency mode. The emergency mode period entails much decision-making, and managers are at the center of the decision making process. Decisions include determining resources that might be needed for emergency response, quantifying the resources, and making arrangements for supply if there is a shortage in the emergency stoke. Additionally, the management is vested in liaising with support groups such as regulators, insurers, emergency services, and security personnel. Thence, coordinating all key players and overseeing all emergency mode operations is also the managers’ responsibilities. I have picked the article written by Salamon (2019), which gives real-life applications of the emergency mode, including the recovery of countries from the impacts of any disaster. The citation is an example of how the first action with initial discission is drawing the shape of survival after the crisis.


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Answer 2

The current period is a unique situation that the COVID-19 has been disrupted the economy around the whole world. Pandemic has impacted many businesses, which is the worst in a long time, which caused some international companies to be closed and lost. Despite having the old business experience, but depends on the inclusive economy of countries’ business plans and how to deal with these risks to protect their economy or reduce the effects. In contrast, some businesses in these circumstances benefited from increasing their profits, such as online shopping, because people do not leave their homes during this Pandemic. On the other hand, many employees lost their jobs because of the business disruption that led to losing the outcomes for paying them during this Pandemic. Managing the businesses during that crisis is more difficult than the other and the judge of that is dependent on the low of the country how they look at is far to protect and preserve their economy. For instance, Airlines are a crucial business for the country based form all sides that giving more outcomes to the country. Furthermore, the Pandemic that causes infection to spread more among the countries makes them suspended the international flight for a long time. Some countries their economy depends on tourism and businesses, so in that event will let them lose more and led to painful consequences.

As a result, businesses should support the plan’s evolution from that global crisis and what the managers can think more to improve. Many businesses are still struggling in resilience just to back in a normal situation. Some of them now have a great plan that preserves their interests or minimizes the impacts. Also, the government has supported small businesses back again. However, the managers of that business should still exploit that support to enhance their recovery plan and restore the profits. In sum, optimizing the continuing strategy will help them preserve their business and strive to seek the solutions throughout this crisis.


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