Stress and Health and Technology

Stress and Health and Technology

Please reflect your learning this week from the lectures videos and the reading, and share your thoughts with your classmates. You will not be able to view anyone’s post until you submit your initial post.

Part 1: Use the UCI Library to find an article about the topics above that relates to today’s society.
Part 2: Give an overview of the article and discuss why this is relevant to your life using concepts from the article and the course readings.
Part 3: Be sure you cite the article APA citation (Links to an external site.) and provide the DOI or link.
Important note! Do not use an article that a co-learner has already posted.

This discussion is considered part of your class participation grade [20 points of each week]: The initial post (10 points) and you are expected to respond to at least two classmates’ posts (5 points each)

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